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Success cannot be taken for granted. It is chance that has favoured the prepared mind. There is a lot of work behind it, determination and usually a connection with a strong and reliable partner who will offer you a full-fledged background and help you to the top.

We - OSTRA - a group of connected companies from various fields - are such a partner. We are one of the largest providers of services for passenger and freight transport, we improve the driving characteristics of vehicles and, thanks to our real estate, we provide conditions for business and living.

We focus on areas we understand. Thanks to this and our experience, which we have been gathering for more than 70 years, you can be sure that you can rely on us in everything.

We are not just entrepreneurs, we are also patriots who want their region to prosper. We support schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations, sports clubs. We try to make them better. We look for and create new opportunities for all who have potential. We help those who are ready to succeed to excel. OSTRA. Closer to success.

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The company ADIP, spol. s r.o. is a leader in the distribution of spare parts, accessories for trucks and buses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. ADIP is a member of the international organization TEMOT International.


The company CUBESPACE s.r.o. is a leading Czech supplier of modular buildings for a wide range of applications. The CUBESPACE modular system is an ideal choice for accommodation, office, school and multifunctional buildings.


ČSAD LOGISTIK Ostrava a.s. is a major supplier of services in the provision of transport and logistics services. Customs services, warehousing, forwarding, combined transport, air and sea transport.

ČSAD Ostrava

ČSAD Ostrava owns facilities for the provision of services related to passenger and freight transport in several regions of the Czech Republic. It manages bus stations, rents non-residential premises, areas, workshops and warehouses.


DONERRE SUSPENSION offers products of exceptional quality and reliability. It manufactures most components for its shock absorbers, and the production range also includes other chassis components for sports and special vehicles.


It deals with the development, construction and rental of racing specials, providing service facilities for professional and amateur racers. Its goal is to provide sports products and services.

KAR group

The company provides service for customers operating passenger and freight transport. It is an authorized dealer and service of the FORD TRUCKS, IVECO BUS, FÉNIKS BUS, ROŠERO and BUZOLA brands. It also sells, services and rents ADRIA campers.


Nikey s.r.o. operates a chain of 13 washing centres and 17 filling stations with advanced technologies, which specialize in freight and bus transport throughout the Czech Republic. Flexible refuelling and vehicle wash programmes.


It is entrusted with the performance of state professional supervision over the technical condition of road and special vehicles, which imposes an obligation on vehicle operators to present the vehicle at their own expense for regular measurement of emissions and technical inspection within the prescribed time limits.


Schäfer and Sýkora Truck Parts have more than 30 years of experience in the sale and distribution of spare parts and accessories for trucks and buses. It has 13 stores and 70 employees. Since March 2022, it has been part of the OSTRA group.


The company TESTCAR currently operates seven technical inspection stations for trucks and buses. It complements the offer of its services with so called individual imports, constructions and conversions of vehicles as well as technical inspections of vehicles according to the ADR agreement.